Project – Religion 2

This post is connected to the previous one that I recently posted about religion.

Unlike in Britain, where it’s largely hidden, religion in Brazil is an ever-present and very visible part of everyday life. Wandering around my wife’s hometown of Vargem Grande do Sul this certainly became very apparent. Religious imagery and iconography is ubiquitous! I began to document what I saw; Biblical quotes on the back of trucks, church services broadcast on TVs in supermarkets, crucifixes on the walls in restaurants and a statue of Christ, hands outstretched, overlooking the town.

Cristo Redentor/Christ the Redeemer

Cristo Redentor/Christ the Redeemer

Holy objects left by the base of a cross on the outskirts of town.

An Evangelical advert, which reads; ‘The Lord is good. In difficult times he saves His people and looks after those that seek Him’.

‘All knees bend and all tongues say that Jesus is the Lord’.

A shoe repair shop.

A church service on TV behind the meat counter in a supermarket.

The nativity scene.

A nativity scene in the window of a fashion shop.

Sunday lunch.

Sunday lunch.

I also took a look around people’s homes..

The telephone table.

Making a call.

Images of Christ and figurines of saints.

A clock in a cabinet.

A clock on a sideboard.

If you are interested in using any of these images please contact me. All photographs copyright Raphael Schutzer-Weissmann. Any use requires authorisation. Thank you.

© Raphael Schutzer-Weissmann


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