London Olympics #1

I’ve seen more Union Jacks this summer than I’ve possibly ever seen. The Queen’s Jubilee got things started, followed quickly by the European Football Championships, although as this is England people fly the English, not British flag. I have a feeling though that most people just kept their Union Jacks flying, as they’re everywhere!

On cups

Hyde Park

On trousers

Flying the flag

To begin with I didn’t detect a huge amount of excitement in London towards the Olympics, but all this changed with the arrival of the Olympic torch and 30c.

Cycling through crowds of people waiting for the Olympic torch.

On the day of the Opening Ceremony my wife and I decided that it would be fun to see it all on a big screen in Victoria Park, one stop from Stratford and the Olympic Stadium. However, there was a queue of over 7,000 people in front of us waiting to go in..

On our way back to the station we passed within sight of the stadium.

Olympic stadium behind trees

Day one: Saturday and I found myself in Kew Gardens, not a very Olympic place to be for a photographer, but a great place to recharge!

Kew Gardens

But even here there was no escaping the Olympics!

Cake stall outside Kew Gardens station

Day two: Saw some cycling, the Women’s Road Race. In typically English style it began to pour with rain, soaking us, and the cyclists as they sped through the streets.

Silver medal

Day three: The supermarket.


Well, normal life has to continue…






2 thoughts on “London Olympics #1

    1. Thanks for your comment, though I didn’t understand it 100%. Really sorry for the late reply!
      My computer ‘died’ a month ago and I’ve only just got a new one. I’ll be posting a lot of new work in September.
      I hope you take a look!

      Best wishes

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