Always carry a camera! (1)

West Hampstead - 20:01

West Hampstead – 20:01

Walking home from the tube on Friday evening I passed a scene that stopped me in my tracks.

A group of revellers all wearing pink pointy party hats were chatting away. I had to take a photo!

I often carry an analogue point and shoot or SLR, but on this occasion only had my camera phone.

I took one photo with their camera,

and two with mine.

When I got home and had a look at the photo I found it to be soft-focused!

To say I was disappointed is a huge understatement. I wasn’t distraught, but definitely despondent.

Here was a moment that I might not see again. Everything was perfect!

The scene, the ‘cast’, even the composition.

I wouldn’t have changed a thing.

So, here’s my question:

Is it still a decent street photo?

Does the fact that it’s not sharp take away from the photo itself?

I’ve printed the photo onto A4 and it has a painterly quality, which might be its saving grace.

I’d really appreciate your thoughts.

Many thanks.


NB: The file size has been reduced from the original size 22.5 MB to 2.5MB


2 thoughts on “Always carry a camera! (1)

    1. Oh thanks! I don’t usually get so introspective about photos, but I was annoyed and frustrated with myself for nearly a week afterwards! I got over it though, and now like the photo as it is. 🙂

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