1510 – The coloniser and the colonised

In 1510 the Spanish Conquistadores arrived on the Colombian coast, a seminal event that was to change the course of a nation. The people in these photos and their thoughts contribute to a project which looks at the effects of the Spanish conquest 500 years later. It tells the story of a combined history through the thoughts of both peoples, Colombians and Spaniards.


It’s been 500 years, we are still blindfolded…. Denying our roots, allowing them to continue plundering us.

FacesDiscovery of an unknown world. Clash of civilisations. Imposition of beliefs.
End of a culture but birth of another one. What’s left for us?
Roots, a language, a legacy and a future independence scream.



Maybe they were the ships´s owners, but the treasures has always been our property. Do not claim something that your ancestors took.



© Raphael Schutzer-Weissmann



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